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About us

Aqueduct are strategic thinkers, designers and engineers delivering best-in-class strategy, creative and technical expertise. Our structure guarantees our clients senior representation throughout the relationship. We believe in collaborating, co-creating and co-locating. Our three stage process allows us to partner with our clients to drive significant change in a short space of time.


How we like to kick things off. Ideal for solving business challenges or validating a new idea. 360° research, insight generation and solution designs. Our way to rapidly generate and prototype ideas and business solutions to take to your audience.


Where we get down to the business of making things: Gather the best people in a cross-agency-client team and co-locate them together. Then we get agile. Short sprints; designing, building and testing – making things well and making them fast.


The process of continual improvement. We monitor and evaluate; gathering data and insight so we can design improvements. We also develop skills by designing workflows, mentoring and training teams to help you lead things after we’ve done our bit.

At Aqueduct we specialise in building teams to create innovative solutions that suit all kinds of challenges. If you would like to talk to us about how we can help your business improve it’s digital offering then please contact us here.

“Aqueduct are specialists in what they do. They are open, collaborative, and experts in both Agile ways of working and in the skills they bring to the table for design and development… We look forward to a further collaboration down the line and I have no hesitation in giving the team my highest praise.”

Anthony Robinson – CEO of CPC Connect Ltd.
(Owner of Gaydar dating and social platforms)

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