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Digital Transformation

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  Lots of businesses send their team leaders on an agile course, only to have them return and fail to implement anything. It’s no-ones fault. The truth is that being agile isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you’re an agency.   We spoke to some attendees from the event, ‘Agile for Agencies’ to find out what current problems businesses are facing. They were pretty candid about the problem with …

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Digital technology, such as mobile devices has made it easier than ever for consumers to find similar products and services virtually at their fingertips. The increase in competition along with the fact that barriers of entry for new products are so low means it is vital that brands differentiate themselves. With this in mind, what can brands do to keep in front of the competition? One way brands are …

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While the use of technology has become vital to remain competitive in all sectors of business, digital transformation is less about technology and more about people and how they work together. Digital transformation has been defined in several different ways. MITSloan Management Review defines it as ‘the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises.’ While Altimeter Group refers to it as ‘the realignment of, or …

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The launch of Aqueduct’s new website is accompanied by a report detailing our latest thinking, titled Only Human, which you can download now. As a digital agency, this title might seem initially counterintuitive. But our experience from working with clients, along with how we have seen the market evolve, leads us to be surer than ever in one of our core beliefs – that people are the answer to …

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