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October, 2017

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Yesterday it was announced that Monzo would be changing their policy on overseas cash withdrawals. I have noted a fair few people across linkedin taking delight in this “setback”….. Lots of  “Not so free anymore” and “RIP Monzo”. Understandably this is the extreme end of the scale but I find people’s speed to take any opportunity to knock an innovator, especially in the backward world of consumer finance disheartening. …

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Moving to a new country can be quite challenging, so I thought joining a facebook group for Dutch people in London would be a great idea. One day something caught my eye. Somebody shared an event. An event about sprinkles. Easyjet would be hosting a pop up cafe, Cafe van der Sprinkles. In the announcement EasyJet claimed that 750,000 Dutch people eat sprinkles on bread for breakfast every day, …

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