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October, 2018

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Digital projects are a lot like skyscrapers. They take a long time to build and are full of unexpected hurdles. Architectural terms have crept into the dialogue of digital development, because getting to the end of a project can feel like a creating a huge building, one brick at a time.   Not all projects are like building skyscrapers. Some are predictable, because they’re easy to scope and repeatable. Writing …

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We love solving tough digital problems. Tricky, complex projects leave us with a warm, fuzzy feeling when they’re solved. And others are so much fun, we daydream wistfully for months after. Here’s a round-up of three projects we can’t stop geeking out over, and two projects completed by other incredible teams that you just ought to know about:   Scope Scope serve disabled communities across a network of physical locations …

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On bigger projects, using scrum or Kanban creates rhythm and accountability. By pooling actions in a pipeline, you create a sense of necessary features, developments ahead and deadlines. This deadens the age old habit of ramping up to one massive deadline, and instead embeds a habit. No-one has to chase anyone else. Fewer arguments happen, because the habit of action and delivery is always there. Scrum can be effective at …

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